Dermo Hair Laser Device

Dermo Hair Laser Device

Product Code : C-004
  • Dermo Hair Laser Device



Satisfactory results in 8-10 weeks of hair loss treatment

With 670Nm wavelength, it has 240 pcs cold laser technology

4 panels with laser light bulb,

Provides to stop hair loss,

Helps to thickening of fine strands of hair,

Rapid hair growth,

Ensuring new hair growth by stimulating the hair bulb,

Makes your hair look brighter, healthier,



Dermo Lazer; mantar, rosasea, atopik dermatit yaralarının iyileşmesini destekler.

uzun süreli tedavi için kullanılan diyot lazer tekniği saç için geliştirilmiştir.

daha yüksek frekans ve enerji seviyesine sahip özel bir formdur.



Dermo Hair Laser Therapy with cool down laser technology at a wavelength of 670 nm

it effects directly mitochondria in cells; it accelerates intracellular respiration.

it activates ATP. nourishes the hair follicles, increasing blood circulation and oxygenation.

it activates collagen synthesis , platelets and growth factor

increases synthesis. it provides to reach topical and mesotherapy solutions to channels which is opened on the scalp more effectly.